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3 Ways To Help Customers Maximize The Brand Experience

Make Your Customer Service Experience as Unique as Your Brand

How can you help your customers maximize their brand experience? Be honest: every company wishes there was something they could say directly to their clients. A little friendly advice on how to get the most out of the relationship, perhaps. But we fear that this type of communication, no matter how politely delivered, may result in bad feelings and loss of business. So most brands simply turn their collective cheek. This doesn’t really help anyone in the relationship, though.

Imagine my surprise when my Bitmoji app took the challenge head on. (If you don’t know Bitmoji, head on over to their website or download the app to your smart phone. Soon you’ll be texting little avatars of you in meme form to everyone in your contacts list.) Apparently I was being a bad user in that I hadn’t updated my app. When I went to text a funny graphic of yours truly to my husband, I was met with the following three steps:

The Bitmoji app is all about personalization – down to their error messages that look just like their customers

  1. Awareness. Hey, that’s me – and I’m telling myself that I’m running an old version of the app. That certainly got my attention. Gaining awareness of the issue is critical to getting me to up my compliance. The clever delivery visual and verbal tonality takes all of the admonishment out. Now that I know the problem exists…
  2. Assistance. I’m open to the app asking for my assistance. After all, I already bought in to the avatar program. I spent the time making it look as close to me as I could. Why wouldn’t I want to do my part to keep it functioning the right way – so that I can continue to text friends and family with my personalized memes? As long as it’s not going to be too complicated or time-consuming, that is.
  3. Assurance. Oh, it’s as easy as heading over to the app store and searching “Bitmoji.” I literally did this the second I read the third Bitmoji telling me what to do – the order in which they appeared was perfect and the messaging was spot on. After all, I didn’t want it to stop working – and I certainly didn’t want to miss out on the availability of any new avatar scenes.

What a smart way to get user buy in and keep the brand experience on target. I know not all products or services can have their customer service messaging delivered via miniature versions of the people who buy them. Nor should they. But what can you do differently to make sure your customers, clients, or users are getting the most from your brand?

Cultivating an ongoing brand experience is key to maintaining the customer relationship. Without that strong relationship, your brand is at risk of commoditization. So evaluate each touch point and see what you can do differently to be better received. Sometimes its the small details that result in Brand Elevation.


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