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7 Tips to Elevate Your Internship Experience

Starting an internship can be both exciting and terrifying for any college student. As my awes3ome summer internship comes to a close, I thought I would reflect and share seven tips I have learned this summer in The S3 Agency’s PR department that helped elevate my internship experience:

1. Get to know the staff.

Learn more than just the names of your temporary co-workers. Take the time to hear their stories and how they chose this career path. They may inspire you or lead you to other job opportunities.

S3 Internship Experience -  get to know everyone

2. Ask questions.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help on the projects you’re assigned. If you’re confused, just say so. Requesting assistance or needing clarification only makes you look more engaged and eager in your endeavors.

S3 Internship Experience -  ask questions

3. Share your dreams.

Everyone has a dream. A colleague may open a door for you. At S3, I was fortunate enough to chat about my inspirations with the rest of the team and create a vision board. One thing is clear—they are rooting for me.

S3 Internship Experience -  share your dreams

4. Pace yourself.

Time management is crucial at work and in life. As always, do your best with the assignment you’re given. Don’t rush at the risk of sacrificing quality. If you happen to finish early, ask around and see if there is anything else you can help with. The more things you are able to work on, the more experience and knowledge you gain.

S3 Internship Experience -  Pace yourself

5. Stay motivated.

It may be tiring at first to adjust to the typical office workday, but soon enough you’ll turn into a morning person. If not, brew some coffee to jumpstart the day. Show up on time. Follow the rules of conduct. Remember, everyone is watching you. This is how you choose to brand yourself. This is your chance to shine.

S3 Internship Experience -  Stay motivated

6. Accept advice.

No one writes flawless pitches or posts on the first try. So get over your fear of imperfection. Listen to the constructive criticism you’re given and learn how to improve. You will grow and impress everyone. You may even have something to add to your portfolio.

S3 Internship -  accept advice

7. Challenge yourself.

Step out of your comfort zone. Learn new things. Share your ideas. If a colleague trusts you to work on a new task, accept the challenge. Believe in your abilities and watch yourself transform in three short months.

S3 Internship  -  challenge yourself


Editor’s Note: Great article by a great intern. And you’re right — we are rooting for you, Allison! ThankS3 for being part of the team here this summer and for sharing your internship experience.  We can’t wait to see how you unleash your talents on the world! #GoAlliS3on
~ Denise Blasevick, CEO, The S3 Agency


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