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A Holiday Marketing Campaign To Remember

NJ’s #1 Zoo Taps NJ’s #1 Agency to Increase Membership Sales

Turtle Back Zoo wanted to increase awareness of their affordable annual memberships. They also wanted to position them as a unique gift idea for NJ families. Unsure of the best path to achieve their aggressive goals, the zoo relied heavily upon The S3 Agency to determine the most effective strategy. Once a strategy was decided upon, The S3 Agency then developed a creative campaign and strategic media placement to best execute the strategy.

Our creative team tapped into their collective inner child to develop the “Give the Zoo” holiday marketing campaign. It consisted of a multi-media program that reaches a highly targeted demographic via a combination of TV and social media. Asking the question, “What do they really want for the holidays?,” the spot features original “crayon-look” illustrations of some of Turtle Back Zoo’s most popular animals. At the same time, children’s voices announce the things they want for the holidays. Things like, “I want a lion,” or “I want a flamingo.”

The commercial then announces that giving a zoo membership means giving a year of unlimited visits to the zoo. By turning the idea of membership into a year of unlimited experiences for the whole family, we are able to elevate the value that comes with a membership card. We even created a vanity URL, GiveTheZoo.com, to reinforce that you’re giving so much more than a piece of paper.

Unique & Effective

The commercial’s simplicity, in terms of its message and its graphical style, is a refreshing change. It stands apart from most of the messages that the target audience is being bombarded with. The commercial effectively captures youthful happiness, and reinforces the idea of the Turtle Back Zoo as a family destination. Importantly, it is outperforming last year’s holiday marketing campaign. Which is precisely what Turtle Back Zoo wanted for the holidays!

Check out the commercial. And if you haven’t already, check out Turtle Back Zoo. (But don’t blame us if you end up buying a membership!)


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