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Brands: Beware Content-Driven Advertising

Yes, I enjoy watching super cute videos that fill me with wonder and make me say “awwwww.” Today’s video of choice: two twin babies that didn’t yet know they were out of the womb. Their cuddling is absolutely adorable, I recommend watching it.

Anyway…while being mesmerized by unfathomable sweetness, this ad popped up: 

Clearly, the ad was triggered by the mention of “water” in the video description. It’s also not for Brita (poor brand, having it’s name thrown around like this). And it sure doesn’t seem like it’s for anything reputable – I definitely did not click on it.

The only good thing about that ad: the ridiculousness of the headline as it related to the subject of the video made me burst out laughing. No, a Brita pitcher can NOT filter out babies. I suppose that is fairly truthful advertising.

So brands: beware your ad triggers…

~ Denise Blasevick, CEO & @AdvertGirl, The S3 Agency


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