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Brands Can Learn From Adult Coloring Books

Creativity. It’s not limited to being a child, so why should coloring books be Recently, I gifted an Adult Coloring book, which I carefully selected. Looking for visually pleasing and soothing images, I scouted for subject matter that would evoke serenity. Just as important was the coloring tool; crayons turn dull too quickly, colored pencils require sharpening (at the exact time you have settled in to your groove), and markers just don’t allow for enough color control. The Twistable colored pencils seemed an ideal partner.

Why was this gift so pleasurable? Part of the reason was that it was thoughtful, beautiful and inexpensive. But largely, I believe many of us enjoy tangible activities that allow us to recharge, that encourage mindfulness. So much of our time is spent using technology, that the act of creating something by hand seems extra satisfying. Another benefit, you don’t have to be artistic, or even creative, simply fill in the shapes provided. Think of it as your personal Art Therapy. The books available are so wonderfully illustrated, so creative on their own that you can’t ruin them. The pages are visually pleasing without color, with a little color or crazy with color… another bonus, no stress to complete the task.

The popularity of adult coloring books is on the rise – and it’s something brands should learn from. How can brands learn from this? Start by stopping and thinking: is there a way to increase the creativity of our customer experience while decreasing their stress? Find a good way to answer that question, and your brand may find itself on the same track for success as these adult coloring books. (Hint: you may want to bring some of these coloring books to your next brainstorm…)

~ Lisa Schroeder, Graphic Designer, The S3 Agency


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