Original Hockey Sauce Kit: A cornhole-hockey-mashup game to bust out at the next BBQ

Another summer day can sometimes equal another mundane backyard party. The usual suspect games are probably there. You know the ones: cornhole, ladder golf, the list goes on. Well, the times they are a-changin’…

Just prior to last Christmas, I was introduced to a true game changer. For all those yearning for something more in the world of backyard entertainment, allow me to tell you about your new favorite game.

Like most hockey fanatics, I was doing my daily reading on TSN.com around trade rumors in the NHL. I was distracted from the headlines by a banner ad for this thing called Original Hockey Sauce. This banner ad changed me. When’s the last time you ever heard anyone say that? Yeah, exactly.

I was intrigued. A sauce or saucer pass in the sport is the perfect execution of finesse in the form of an aerial, floating pass to another player. Original Hockey Sauce captured this and turned it into a backyard game to warm the hearts for those of us who’d rather pass the puck around than throw a bean bag at a wooden board on the lawn. Think of Original Hockey Sauce as “Cornhole meets Hockey.” The video says it all, really.

Original Hockey Sauce Kit turned a simple game play into a backyard phenomenon that actually forced me to make a Christmas list last year. MOM, I WANT THAT!!! No lie…it happened.

I’m not the only one to take notice. Original Hockey Sauce has received some really solid press so far. The game has also inserted itself into pop culture by teaming up with some of the NHL’s biggest stars and YouTube sensations Dude Perfect to create some compelling digital content. But the reason it works with the press is because it works in real life.

All in all, Original Hockey Sauce has transformed backyard get-togethers, breathed life into the stale world of party games, and for many (like me) provided an awesome way to pass the time off the ice! Does your brand offer that sort of differentiated benefit?