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Budweiser’s Pup-dicament

Controversy surrounding the commercials for Super Bowl 50 have already begun, three months prior to game time. The latest debate focuses on Budweiser’s popular commercial featuring a puppy and his “best-friend.” Apparently, the beer brand is questioning whether or not pup’s appeal has run its course or if it will keep them in the charts for best Super Bowl commercial for the third year running.

In my opinion, puppies are always a plus. Tim Calkins, professor of marketing at Northwestern University, has this to say: “Creating a great Super Bowl ad is a huge challenge; it’s a bit like catching lightning in a bottle, you can’t assume you will do it again, so it makes sense to build off a winning idea” (Source).

It would seem that Budweiser’s captivating canine should become something of a tradition for them. To paraphrase Calkins, why mess with a good thing? Budweiser could continue to follow the puppy as he grows up, year after year – all the way until the little dog finally has puppies of its own and the cycle of life continues.

This idea can remain relevant as long as the execution is strong. It’s unlikely that dogs will become less popular, and I think animals will always tug on the heartstrings of consumers/viewers. Overall, I think Budweiser can further secure its place a man’s best beer friend by keeping man’s best friend in the picture. I mean seriously, how could you not love this campaign?

~ Gabby Wilson, Intern, The S3 Agency


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