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There are cheesy cars and then there are CHEESY cars.  It’s hard to believe that the Cheez-It Twitter account only launched in September of this year…but they did it in style, creating a supremely cheesy car as a key following growth tactic. The Cheez-It social media team covered a Smart Car in Cheez-Its, tweeted a picture to Smart Car’s Twitter, and then drove the car around a college campus on ESPN’s College Gameday. Check out the Vine:

Creative director at Razorfish, the cheez-a-licious snack’s social agency, shared some insights: "Any brand can wrap a car in a branded wrap, but to be able to cover a car in your product, instantly breaks through the pedestrian mindset. And you can smell the Cheez-Its from five blocks away.“

This stunt proves that it doesn’t take a huge budget or complicated plan to reach a brand’s target audience. Cheez-It wants to reach males 18-34. Cover a car in bright orange crackers and drive it around a prominent college campus while ESPN is there for college football? Touchdown! 

~ Ali Gogarty, @ALIG7 and Account Supervisor, The S3 Agency


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