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Chevy Pushes the Envelope with Olympic Ads

If I didn’t love the brand before, I sure do now. Chevy debuted two new television spots during the Olympic opening ceremonies that are sure to cause a little controversy. Probably not because the ads feature gay couples, but because the 2014 Winter Olympics are being held in Sochi, Russia where there are laws around homosexual propaganda. Although Chevy denies there were any political intentions, these ads are a very clear statement of what the brand stands for.

One ad, called “The New Us,” for the Chevrolet Traverse, shows quick shots of many different families, including a gay male couple with a son and a daughter. “While what it means to be a family hasn’t changed, what a family looks like has,” a voiceover states. “This is the new us.”


Another ad, an overall Chevrolet brand spot, features a collage of different images of America, including a shot of a gay couple getting married. “Like the old love, the new love starts with a kiss,” a voiceover states. “Like the old community, the new community still keeps us connected. … A whole new lineup for a whole new world.”


These are great examples of advertisers trying to be more inclusive in terms of who they show in their commercials, while raising the bar for the overall industry. Chevy has done a great job of truly showcasing what our nation is made of and it’s refreshing to see that they aren’t afraid to say it in mainstream advertising.

So, was the airing of these ads during the Olympics a dig on the propaganda laws in Russia? Who’s really to say, but regardless Chevrolet just got some serious cool points in my book! Rock on, Chevy! Maybe my next vehicle purchase will be a Traverse.

Tracey Jeffas
Account Supervisor, Chevy Prospect


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