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It’s impossible to know what your audience is going to like 5 years from now, let alone 4 decades into the future…but this 1970s TV commercial for Cracker Jacks could start running again today and it would still be effective. Actually, that would be really cool – using a “vintage” spot would get buzz, allow interviews with the child stars in a “where are they now” style, and give the time-tested brand a chance to show their eternal appeal via new avenues like social media tie-ins. Enough talk. Watch:

Frankly, I don’t even think Cracker Jacks should rerecord it. The lower production values are charming – and achieved without “trying to look retro.” Think about this nice, positive messaging – “What do you call a kid who can dive like that? You call that kid a cracker jack.” – all wrapped up in a catchy jingle that I completely remembered after not hearing it for a looooooong time. The ditty not only describes the kids but it goes into detail about the product – what it’s made of and the surprise toy in every box – all in 30 seconds. To top it all off, the tagline “When you’re really good, they call you Cracker Jack” is simply superb.

There’s no question that kids (and many adults, especially at ballgames) still enjoy Cracker Jacks. So why not bring back this crackerjack TV spot? It’s Really Good…

~ @AdvertGirl (CEO, The S3 Agency


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