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Does OMG = Strong Branding?

I don’t usually read magazines. However, over the long weekend I decided to pick up People Magazine. As I began flipping through gossip-filled pages of this magazine, I came across some juicy celebrity gossip, the “Who Wore it Best” column, and then an ad for a product called The DivaCup.

Now at first, I had no idea what this product was. Thankfully, the bottom of the ad explained: “Say goodbye to tampons and pads. Switch to The DivaCup!” Was this product a great alternative? Maybe, but this ad I was staring at did not give me that impression.

The image in the center of this ad was completely throwing me off. At first, all you see is a headshot of a girl who looks as if she is in extreme pain. Honestly, if there were no headline, I might think it was an ad for some medication to help an itchy disease of some sort. Her eyes are tensed up and closed and her teeth are clenched. Above her face is the headline “OMG!” and the subhead “The DivaCup…Brilliant!” The confusing message is supported by what seems to be an overpromise. Really? Brilliant? Unless you’re a British brand, telling consumer that your product is brilliant is a bit like a lawyer saying “Trust me.” It’s something people should be saying, not the brand.

The DivaCup may be a great product, but this Millennial thinks the ad could work much harder. Maybe if they really want something “brilliant” they should try using a girl that doesn’t look like she is screaming from her painful experience with a DivaCup.

~ Maddie Braunstein, Intern, The S3 Agency


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