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Don’t Walk, Run…Pee!

Just when I thought the ubiquitous “They” had thought of everything, I heard an NPR story about an App for the bladder-challenged called RunPee. Starting out as a web site a number of years ago, RunPee has since made its way to the world of the App.

Here’s how the RunPee can make your movie-going experience that much more comfortable:

  1. Select your movie.
  2. Start the timer after the beginning credits roll.
  3. Your phone will vibrate when RunPee has determined the best time for you to leave in order to pee while missing the least important part of the film. 

That last bullet is subjective, of course, but the notifications are said to be made when
nothing terribly vital is happening in the storyline. With RunPee, you can rest assured you won’t miss the big chase, plane crash or alien landing because of your movie-theater-concession-size soda ever again.

~ Sandra Storey, Account Supervisor, The S3 Agency


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