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Fendi’s Fashion Faux Pas

I originally published this article on Examiner.com. Please feel free to follow me there as well: https://www.examiner.com/marketing-132-in-newark/denise-blasevick Thanks! – Denise 

Has Fendi caught a brand bug?

Fendi is a true luxury brand, through and through, complete with the afford-me-if-you-can DNA that emanates from its leather goods, furs, and shoes crafted for the wealth and lifestyle of celebrities, socialites and 1%-ers.

One might find it odd – shocking even – to see that the Italian fashion house has launched a line of “bag bugs.” No, these aren’t creatures that deign to enter your big bucks purse whilst dining at Danielle’s or overnighting in a posh, unspeakably expensive hotel. “Fendi buggies” are a $700 accessory for your designer satchel.

Who knew my accessories needed accessories? Fendi, apparently. But I fear they are “Breaking Brand” here. Had Fendi buggies been jewel encrusted bracelets for the strap…well, then maybe I could buy in to this ridiculous concept.

At least it would be brand appropriate. To think that one of Fendi’s creative geniuses took a look at their latest ad campaign shot in the gorgeous city of Florence by Karl Lagerfeld and thought, “You know what that classy bag needs? A pom-pom of epic proportions…” blows my mind.

Nonetheless, that appears to be exactly the case. So now, you can purchase a $700 furry ball of fluff with a silly face to add to your Fendi bag that may well require more than 20% of the average household income to purchase.

This just doesn’t make sense to me, as a brander…as a consumer…as a woman who loves great bags. Now, I’ll admit there was a time that I would have seen the appeal. That time was when I was somewhere between the ages of 8 and 12. So what’s the story, Fendi, oh former icon of all that is elegant and (mostly) unattainable?

I originally posted this article two days ago on Examiner.com, but am sharing it here for my Tumblr followers. Feel free to to follow me there as well – thank you! 

Perhaps Fendi is taking the Steve Jobs approach to the fashion world, deciding that we can’t possibly know what we want until they show us. Or they have decided to make an entry-level accessory for those who want but can’t afford an actual Fendi accessory.

Worst of all, maybe they are just playing a big joke on those who will follow fashion, regardless of the cost or humiliation it may bring. I’d hate to think that is the case. My guess is, this über-luxury brand is trying to tap into our inner girls (like the one inside me who would have liked this as a tween). But at what cost, for both the brand and the card-carrying Fendi-fan?

Sadly, I fear this latest creepy critter introduction doth ofFendi my branding and fashion sensibilities. I can only hope others share my opinion and will eschew these inappropriate cling-ons, so that we are not subjected to these designer fur balls hanging off of expensive bags.

So I am officially calling for a Fendi Buggy Boycott! That is the only way to ensure their swift consumer death…come on, we owe it to Fendi. If they won’t protect their brand, perhaps it is our responsibility.


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