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Food Bank Video Makes You Think Twice About That Latte

While you’re trying to figure out ways to avoid gaining weight this holiday season, Community Food Banks are trying to figure out how to feed more hungry bellies, including releasing this PSA-style video, Hungry Kate: The Girl with the Belly Ache.

The animated video is done well: informative, engaging, and if you watch the whole thing and end up NOT wanting to donate some food to those in need, you’re even more Scrooge than Scrooge himself, pre-ghost visits. Especially effective visuals include showing how many meals a $5 latte, $50 dinner out, or $100 shopping trip can turn into. Also effective: this video is being purposed by many different food banks, incorporating personalized information (such as percentage of donation increase this year vs. last) that apply to each particular location – thereby leveraging an overall message and bringing it to a local level, where people connect the most.

P.S. I hope they’ve reached out to Hungry Girl to put Hungry Kate links on her media!

~ @AdvertGirl


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