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Franklin Mutual Insurance Evolves Their Digital Advertising Campaign

New “Live In” Ads Speak to and Support the Country’s Sudden Increase of Time at Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought significant changes to the Garden State. In response, The S3 Agency has evolved the digital advertising campaign for Franklin Mutual Insurance (FMI). Titled “Live In,” the updated campaign reflects a sensitivity to the sudden changes the population is experiencing. As a result, the campaign is slated to go live this week.

Four years ago, The S3 Agency created a campaign for FMI that brought its “For the way you live” tagline to life. The “Live” campaign featured the word “Live” followed by a positive descriptor, such as “Live Happy,” “Live Simple,” and “Live Whole.” However, Coronavirus has quickly changed how we are all living. That means using our homes more than ever before: for work, for school, for almost everything.

Living in a New Era

To acknowledge the new role our homes are playing in our lives right now, The S3 Agency evolved the “Live” digital advertising campaign to “Live In” messaging – by literally adding the word “in” to the ads. Now, the campaign fuses headlines like “Live in Balance,” “Live in Harmony,” and “Live in the Moment” with visuals relevant to the cultural moment. Each image depicts people “living in” their homes:

  • The “Live in Balance” ad shows a woman doing yoga in her bedroom. That reminds us how it’s important to make time to take care of ourselves.
  • “Live in Harmony” features a family dancing in the living room. It shows us how it’s possible to create joy in our own homes.
  • “Live in the Moment” shows a father playing “airplane” with his daughter, reminding us to seize these precious opportunities.

“We understand and are experiencing the strain that extreme home dwelling can cause. That includes a blending of boundaries,” said Brian Lytwynec, President and CEO of Franklin Mutual Insurance. “Our company’s whole purpose is making the lives of those we serve better. It’s our hope that our approach will remind us all to be open to, and embrace the special moments that arise in these unique and challenging times.”

“FMI is one of the most compassionate brands we have ever worked with. Providing help when people endure hardship is something that FMI truly excels at. Therefore, it made perfect sense for them to create an ad campaign aimed at helping the public at large. Especially now, when the entire state of New Jersey is in crisis,” said Denise Blasevick, CEO of The S3 Agency.

FMI Digital Advertising UpdateFMI’s “Live In” campaign goes live this week on digital advertising channels. For more information about FMI, please visit FMIweb.com.


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