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Give Your Website A Mobile Check-Up

Have you checked out your company’s website lately? On tablets and smart phones? If the answer is no, then stop reading and start testing. Mobile continues to permeate the world of connectivity – in the US, 67% of mobile internet users surveyed said they generally use mobile, not desktop, to access the web. So today’s the day to see how your brand’s virtual face is portrayed on the devices more and more of your clients and prospects are using to search and find. In addition to making sure your site is aesthetically pleasing and brand appropriate, here are a few functionalities to be on the lookout for:
  • Any broken images or missing content?
  • Is text easily legible with minimal scrolling or finger zooming?
  • Are links and buttons clickable with a thumb?
  • Are videos and animations visible?
  • Is search functionality accessible?
  • If you have a shopping cart, is it visible?
Don’t have time to do a comprehensive review right this second? Check out “Mobile Friendly Testing”  – a Google tool that lets you see your website on a smartphone and give it a quick test for mobile friendliness. Type in your URL and Click “Test URL,” and Google will rate your site. In virtually no time you’ll get a glimpse of what your customers see. Here’s what Google has to say about the website for my company, The S3 Agency:
Website Mobile Friendly Test
While the Google is no substitute for doing your own testing on all the major mobile devices, it can help you identify what you should be looking for and give you an idea of how you stack up. It will even check your loading speed! Definitely worth the 30 second investment.
~ Denise Blasevick (aka @AdvertGirl), CEO, The S3 Agency


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