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Years ago, one particularly traumatic college class left me sitting in my cubicle at 3 a.m. etching hundreds of tiny illustrations into what felt like miles of 8mm black leader film. For a soundtrack, I had chosen and edited a song that I would listen to about a million times, give or take a thousand, before finalizing this epic minute-and-thirty-one-second-long project. The class was called Time and Sequence, and I still wake up in a cold sweat from the recurring nightmares – but the up-side is that nothing could have taught me to appreciate the attention to detail that goes into creating great video content more than attempting it myself in such a primitive, raw manner.

Fast-forward many years to the launch video for the new GoPro HERO4. While GoPro’s video is anything but primitive, I can still almost feel how many late nights must have gone into compiling, editing and syncing these visually-stunning  sequences with the perfectly-chosen soundtrack. The result is nothing short of breathtaking. Released a month ago today, more than 16 million YouTube viewers have tuned in to experience GoPro’s moving masterpiece. If you’re not already one of them, enjoy (and appreciate) “GoPro HERO: The Adventure of Life in 4K” here:

~ Trish Salge, Sr. Art Director and Expert Leader Etcher, The S3 Agency


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