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He No Longer Guarantees It

Having been unceremoniously removed from the company he founded, George Zimmer is no longer the gravely voiced spokesperson of Men’s Warehouse. Less than two months later, Men’s Wearhouse unveiled its first Zimmerless spot: “The Walk of Fame.” In the ad, four decades of men walk Saturday Night Fever-style down the street, dressed (apparently) in stylish threads from Men’s Wearhouse, checking out women. The visuals are accompanied by a funky upbeat track from The Heavy, and then the voiceover of the new tagline: “For forty years we’ve been helping men dress like gentlemen.”

This is a big departure from the talking head of Zimmer espousing the virtues of shopping at his store – and always culminating in him saying, “You’re gonna like the way you look. I guarantee it.” And I have to say, it’s a welcome one. While I was very used to Zimmer’s spots, the fact is they never made me feel, “Hey, that’s a good place to buy clothing for anyone other than an old guy.” The new commercial feels modern, alive and fashionable – the kind of place that someone who shops at H&M might actually consider going for grown-up clothing. Today’s Men’s Wearhouse is selling a new promise in a believable way. Nice job by the agency (Phenomenon in L.A). ~ @AdvertGirl

PS – For those who pining to hear Zimmer’s guarantee one last time, here’s a spot that was on the air just 8 months ago:


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