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I’ve long been a fan of brands who come out with good ads focused on specific holidays / seasons. While some feel this is a waste of money – after all, once the season is over, so is the ad relevance – I see it as an opportunity for brands to connect deeper on an emotional level to their audiences. Further: this tactic presents brands the chance to become part of a tradition associated by the masses with their special times of the year – one they look forward to enjoying – allowing repeat runs in future seasons without the costs of producing new creative. Smart. Touching. Economical.

Take the new Red Bull “Thanksgiving” cartoon spot that began airing this week. As we all know, Red Bull gives you wings. This commercial implies that this was known as far back as the first Thanksgiving – by everyone, including the not-so-smart turkey. As the pilgrim and indian are walking to the farm to choose what they’ll be serving at dinner, the penned-in creatures start drinking from a can of Red Bull to escape their fate, thanks to the wings they receive. The pig, cow and sheep all get away…but when the can is handed to the turkey, there’s no Red Bull left for it to drink. And, as expected, we see him served up at the famous meal. 

Does this spot imply that consuming Red Bull can change the course of history? Or even that it could have changed the main course of Thanksgiving? Of course not. This anachronous integration into something that happened hundreds of years ago is simply a fun way to connect to viewers – Red Bull drinkers and non-Red Bull drinkers alike – to put a smile on their faces and a reminder in their heads about the brand that gives you wings.

Much like Tom Turkey, this spot is well done. I look forward to seeing it over the next few weeks…and then again next year.

~ @AdvertGirl 


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