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Whose mailbox isn’t stuffed with catalogs at this time of year? Truth be told, at my house the Pottery Barns and Crate and Barrels go into the recycling bin without a second look, but the one that maintains the spot of honor on my coffee table is that of Duluth Trading Company.

Haven’t heard of them? Neither had I until a random mailing left me as the happy recipient of their catalog last year, and then my shopping list started to look something like this:

Fire Hose Work Pants? Check.
Big Ass Brick of Soap? Check.
Bigfoot Toenail Clippers? Check.
“Gees, That’s Small” Tool Kit? Check.
Cab Commander Truck Organizer? Check.

For those who say that direct mail doesn’t work, I beg to differ, but it’s got to be done right. Duluth’s catalog stood out in my sea of mail with its old-school illustrations and cheeky item descriptions, to the point that it translated into a hefty order, and quite possibly another to follow it up this season. They must have gained a loyal following from others on the East coast as well since, to my delight, I’ve started seeing their commercials on TV.

Want a taste of this burly brand? Check out all the commercials here – you just might find yourself ordering a Swingin’ Flannel too:

~ Trish Salge, Sr. Art Director and Proud Owner of the “Gees, That’s Small” Tool Kit, The S3 Agency


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