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In July, Cheerios launched their #HowToDad campaign to support Peanut Butter Cheerios. Never mind that Peanut Butter Cheerios sounds like a product that was predicted in Idiocracy (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icmRCixQrx8). They rolled out a campaign that was universally lauded for bringing an “energized look at fatherhood” and being “Spot-on.” If I need to to watch an ad about Peanut Butter Cheerios to have my fatherhood acknowledged, then I am doomed.

My guess is those who applauded this campaign aren’t actually dads. The ad’s “dad scenarios” are contrived and the actor who plays the dad comes off as genuine as sitcom pilot actor…which I am willing to bet he is.

What did make me feel good about being a father was a recent ad for the iPhone. Set to the music of the Pixies, it showed a Mom AND Dad using their iPhones to enrich their kids lives. The mom created a planetarium in her living room while the dad recreated Godzilla with his son. Ads like Apple’s build brand loyalties, while the Cheerios spot makes me want to hand in my “Dad Card” because I am pretty sure that might be a download I could find on the #HowToDad website.

~ Jaime Hamel, stophameltime & Digital Strategist, The S3 Agency


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