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Hyundai Takes Big Game Ad Further

If you’re among the advertising elite, then you’ve got a big new ad making its debut this Sunday during the Super Bowl. Increasingly, those in this category are giving sneak peeks or full views of their ad during the week prior to the game – which, according to YouTube, ups their video views by 600%. Hyundai, the car company who has been continuing to impress consumers and competitors on a regular basis with its product offerings, has now entered the Super Bowl of commercials with a TV spot that’s more than a TV spot – it’s a fully integrated social promotion.

First, the spot:

The “Find Your 7” commercial appeals to anyone who was ever picked or chosen last – or who has a kid who has gone through that. A bully steals a kid’s football then tells the kid to “Come back when you have a team.” Said kid then goes, assisted by his Hyundai-driving mom, and assembles an ass-kicking team of tough-guy kids. The 7-passenger Hyundai spot ends by instructing viewers to “Gather Your Team” and directing them to FindYour7.com. That’s where you get into the game – via a Facebook app that selects 6 of your FB buds and assembles your team of 7 into a video with enough clever cheekiness to make even jaded-old-me smile.

Here’s my video – but be sure to find your own seven, too. https://www.findyour7.com/video.php?vid=564948875&pid=e432d434-68e8-4892-b17f-b999be09ee16

~ @AdvertGirl


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