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KFC Owns This Christmas

Is your brand strong enough to create limited-time merch that people will flock to buy for the holidays? Merch including a $5,000 “internet escape pod”? Fast-food-favorite KFC has done just that. And it’s not just food-related items. We’re talking wrapping paper, sweaters, and yes an internet escape pod that features the Colonel himself splayed atop it.

Now, this steel and stainless mesh cage probably won’t actually prevent you from taking your cell phone inside, but the brand is making an important point: it’s the holidays. Put down the glowing rectangles and enjoy quality time with friends and family! The brand is also employing an important tradigital strategy here: as they say on the site, their specialty is fried chicken, not internet-blocking cages. But they are using traditional a brand-building thought process here – limited-time line extension – and executing digitally with a simple e-com site, all to connect with consumers.

I don’t think KFC is going into the swag-biz as a full-time pursuit. But I do think they are creating powerful press, reasons to engage, and walking billboards (for those who buy the apparel). You don’t even have to be a KFC super fan to buy the wrapping paper – it’s just amusing, different, and sure to be a conversation starter. It may even start conversations that lead people back to their restaurants for some finger-lickin’ good chicken.

That’s some tasty marketing, KFC.


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