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When Applying Makeup Kills, KIA bring in weapons…

Feeding off the buzz from previous PSAs of the same topic, like “Don’t Make Up and Drive” from MINI Cooper Mexico, KIA Canada launched a new campaign about the dangers of applying makeup while driving. The ads from KIA show various makeup products as weapons, featuring the barely visible tagline: “Applying Makeup While Driving Can Be Deadly.” 

While I agree that this is a real problem on today’s roads (who hasn’t seen someone swerve while concentrating on applying-and-driving?), I’m not sure this is the best execution. It’s powerful, yes…but is it too masculine?

It seems to me that a Mission Impossible-style lipstick bullet or mascara explosive may not offer that emotional connection to someone “just touching up” on the highway. Instead, it seems like these ads were designed by and for people who already know that any distraction – even a quick lip fix – can be deadly.

Props to KIA, though, for (joining the bandwagon of) acknowledging this very real driving distraction – even if it was created with the issue, rather than those creating the issue, in mind.

~ Nicole Mazewski, Account Coordinator, The S3 Agency


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