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Some people consider Nickelback to be a world-renowned alternative-rock group. Others say Nickelback’s music is one of the cruelest and most unusual forms of punishment employed by military groups around the world. I, on the other hand, say Nickelback has become one of the funniest social memes on the Internet to date! Thanks to Look-At-This-Photograph.com, social media enthusiasts can now create a customizable four-second clip based around the music video “Photograph”, one of the band’s biggest hits. In addition to generating a unique video, the site also offers sharability through Facebook and Twitter. We at The S3 Agency suggest you check out the site and look at OUR photograph at the link below!


~ Matt DiCiero, Social Media Coordinator

Editor’s Note: Seems Nickelback’s legal team is all over this. Hopefully the site will resume entertaining us all shortly.


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