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Marketing Trick, Small Treat

As a marketer, I appreciate the genius behind the creation of the “fun size” candy bar: a miniature treat that costs more than the appropriate fraction of its full-size brethren, designed for mass distribution every October 31. As a child, I recall thinking “fun size” was not all that much fun the first time one of these tiny Halloween goodies was dropped into my plastic pumpkin.

As an adult with any interest at all in my health and that of my family, I am officially in sugar shock after reading this tidbit from Men’s Health: https://eatthis.menshealth.com/slideshow/best-and-worst-halloween-candy

Perhaps these petite portions are paying off in more ways than for the candy makers: perhaps they are saving us from ourselves. 

~ “Hurricane” Sandy Storey, Account Supervisor, The S3 Agency


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