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Move Over Hallmark…Social Media Is Taking Over Holidays

Birthdays. Mother’s Day. Winter Holidays (like things that rhyme with “mismas). Those are pretty much the occasions for which I think Hallmark should sell cards. Retailers everywhere have turned the most insignificant days (Happy Cat’s First Poop In The Box Day!) into cash-cow celebrations. But look who’s taking silly holidays to new heights: everyone in social media!

These "special days to remember” (which hardly anyone knew about) make great social media fodder. Just in the last few minutes my Twitter stream informed me that it is both National Cheeseburger Day AND National Play-Doh Day. It’s all very entertaining. Now, once we social media folk figure out how to turn that into revenue ala Hallmark, I’ll be really impressed (and retired).

Meanwhile, I’ll offer this: a Play-Doh Cheeseburger, commemorating at one time two holidays you’ve probably never heard of. (Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/foodbeast/play-doh-cheeseburger-21z7)

~ @AdvertGirl


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