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My NJ Marketing Internship at The S3 Agency

I recently completed an NJ marketing internship (or internS3hip) at The S3 Agency, a busy Marketing and Public Relations Agency. S3 is filled with hardworking individuals who have so many talents and just overall great personalities. The last four months in S3 have been nothing but amazing. I am so grateful to have my first internship here, and I would highly recommend The S3 Agency for any student who is serious about a career in marketing and public relations.

Thanks to The S3 Agency Leadership

Denise and Adam are the nicest bosses. I am so glad to have worked for them the last four months. Adam is someone who brings energy to the company, always saying hi to everyone he sees. Overall, he is one of the nicest, funniest people I have met. Denise is one of those people that you can’t ever forget. She has a way of talking to others that is really special. I hope that one day I can be as great of a speaker as her. You can see her great skills in every TV interview she has conducted. She is someone I have looked up to the whole time I have been here, and I want to reach her level of expertise in the future when I work in Public Relations.

Thanks to The S3 Agency Team

Joelle and Jackie have been so patient and helpful this whole time. They didn’t hesitate to answer any questions I had. Joelle taught me so much, and I can honestly say that her mentorship has really helped me understand the Public Relations field. I know that having hands on experience is very important in understanding Public Relations, so everything I learned in the past four months is definitely going to come in handy when I start my next NJ marketing internship. Joelle has also been the nicest supervisor anyone can ask for, and I will cherish the conversations we have had, along with the career advice she has given me. Jackie is also someone special. Her writing is very impressive and I hope that one day I can be just as an amazing pitch writer as she is! If I were to say any last words to Joelle and Jackie, I would say thank you for being such great mentors, I wish you the best!

Stefanie has also been one of the people I have had a chance to interact with. She is such a nice person, and has checked up on me many times to make sure I was doing fine on the first floor. She and I have shared a few laughs, and she is such a hard working person. I can tell she is a born leader. At every meeting she attends, she is a great communicator and gets straight to the business. I am also grateful to have worked alongside Dave and Sarah who are also some of the most hardworking people at the agency. They are always on top of their projects and work, and they gave me some really fun projects to work on.

The perfect place to learn about Public Relations

Interning at S3 has given me a really great foundation for my future career. I learned there is never an easy day in Public Relations. It takes someone with great work ethic and experience to bebsuccessful in this field. I wouldn’t have wanted my first experience for an NJ marketing internship any other way. I am so grateful I was chosen to be an intern for S3. Thank you for the opportunity, and I wish everyone the best!

Ed. Note: ThankS3 to YOU, Gabby, for lending your talents to Team S3. You brought a positive attitude and a strong aptitude with you every day. That’s what it takes to make it in PR — and pretty much everywhere else. We will miss you!



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