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New Sally Hansen Video Nails Female Empowerment

Sally Hansen, the nail polish brand you may remember from your childhood, just launched a new video that nails the female empowerment message. “Shetopia” catapults women into a perfect world where the female gender is respected as it should be. And the brand is clearly along for the ride.

The “Shetopia” video envisions women in typically male-dominated roles. Politican tackling issues like equal pay for men. CEO dominating the boardroom. Wall Street-type execs getting their shoes polished while reading newspapers with headlines about positive body image. Wait, where is the product? On their nails, of course. By integrating with the message instead of focusing on the product, Sally Hansen becomes part of a bigger message. A movement, perhaps.

But wait, there’s more. This video is truly tradigital: brand-building while leveraging today’s modern communications toolkit: in this case, social media influencers help drive the message home. As on-screen talent, Sally Hansen included nine female influencers – from biker @jessicahaggett to soccer star @EniAluko. Oh, and to up the authenticity level even higher, the brand used a primarily female crew to create the spot.

Bravo. I mean, brava! “Shetopia” is by far the most interesting nail polish video I’ve ever seen. I look forward to see what else Sally Hansen will do to keep the momentum going.


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