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On June 25, 2012, Oreo – the iconic cookie known for a century of sweetness – delighted some of their 27 million Facebook fans and horrified others with this post supporting Gay Pride: 

Putting personal sentiments aside, this was a very interesting social media move. First, it certainly gave the brand some instant personality – something marketers say they want yet shy away from for fear of upsetting anyone. Second, it broke through the messaging clutter via social and traditional media – something that’s increasingly difficult to do, especially as a little Facebook post. Third, they modernized the age-old treat, giving it relevance – something brands need to survive.

Will Oreo suffer because of this? They may lose some FB fans, but I doubt those same people will overcome their addiction and stop buying the cookie with the creamy middle. Instead, they may see a lift in support socially and in retail as non-traditional customers connect with their messaging.


~ @AdvertGirl


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