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Office Concepts Group (OCG) Offers a Pleasant Brand Surprise

“Hey! It’s impolite to stare at my drawers.”

Office Concepts Group puts unexpected fun into a staid category...

Love a clever ad on my morning commute. I pass exactly one billboard and one church signboard during the drive, so my chances of seeing one are about equal to happening upon an albino koala. Lo, how blessed I was this morning though. I knew nothing of Office Concepts Group (OCG) before the day began, but I instantly looked upon them fondly after learning their name.

With a headline like “Hey! It’s impolite to stare at my drawers” plastered across the back of the truck in front of me, I instantly see that OCG likes to party. I can get behind that. I was behind that, in fact, when first discovering their penchant for a well-placed knee-slapper. Instead of shouting at me about their office furniture’s class-leading quality or low, low, Woody Allen’s morals low prices, they opt for a pun in hopes of brightening your (likely dire) commute. It’s so endearing and refreshing that I couldn’t help but pimp their URL.

The placement though is what really sold me. That’s recognizing an opportunity and jumping in with both feet. “Our fleet needs to be more engaging,” I imagine their VP of Marketing saying, seated at the very best of office desks. Great use of “mobile” space, OCG. The adaptable will inherit the Earth.

As for the pun itself, it’s pretty darn clever! If it wasn’t obvious already, I wore a dumb grin the entire time I followed OCG’s van. Far and away the most engaging, surprising, and adorable part of this month’s commutes.


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