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Oh, Hey, It’s an Ad from Ann Taylor

If only respectable media could be as selective about their advertising as they are about their editorial. Imaging the impact of that content! Sadly, even powerhouses such as The New York Times are in danger of existing – a far position from being able to tell less-than-creative advertisers to shove off. Case in point: this ad for Loft, Ann Taylor’s lower-priced retailer, that accompanied my NYT e-blast.

Now THAT is some lazy advertising, my friends. Just because the headline rhymes, is in hot pink and you put an exclamation point at the end doesn’t make it exciting or good. Blasé also rhymes…and it describes the ad that apparently notices the model is wearing something crocheted. Something I can barely see because of the bland color of the model’s outfit that supports the bland headline. And THIS is supposed to get my attention? (For good reasons, I mean?)

Come on, Ann Taylor, I expect better from your advertising campaigns… ~ @AdvertGirl


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