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Playful Type & Paper: Beautiful Print Advertising

Clients and creative agencies are in a unique position to benefit from the merge of traditional media and technology.

NJ Print Advertising


There is little more enjoyable to a graphic designer than an interactive print advertising piece. Especially if it’s designed with beautiful typography. Here at The S3 Agency Creative Department, we are true design geeks. We’re always looking at the newest and most innovative designs out there.

One that recently caught our eye was by Neenah Paper. They offered the job of creating something special for its customers to Willoughby Design of Kansas City. And the results were spectacular.

Beautiful Design Can Be the Ulimate Print Advertising

Highlighting Neenah’s CLASSIC brands, each spread provides a unique showcase by a contemporary designer. What makes these particularly interesting is the way they all connect traditional printed materials with digital type. It’s a merger of old-school and new-school. While at the same time, taking the best and most powerful elements of both. Then showcasing them in a new and wholly original way.

Function and Design, Integrated

The end result: an amazing example of functionality and design that keeps the reader engaged from beginning to end. And then over and over, gathering more details with each perusal – and putting the paper brand top of mind to its potential customers.


Love this and hope there’s plenty more to come!

Willoughby Design
Neenah Paper, Inc.


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