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Ted Cruz has had a rough go since announcing his intentions to saddle up, America. He’s been lambasted for not understanding net neutrality by the collective Internet, constantly questioned about how he can run for President as he is Canadian-born, and now has to deal with every self-proclaimed brand specialist and graphic designer giving him lip. Criticism has ranged from the logo “looking like a burning flag” to using a piece of uninspired, cookie-cutter clip art. Personally, all I see is Santander creepin’ on Tinder. Possibly an oil droplet as an allusion to his petrochemical lobbyist compadres? Teardrop to symbolize the murder of a low-level politician a la Frank Underwood meets Lil Wayne?

It would be hard to expect something on par with Barry O’s “HOPE” imagery or anything that carries the punch of “I Like Ike,” but presidential hopefuls would be wise to invest a bit more effort into their branding than Senator Cruz.

~ Chase Cambria, Jr. Copywriter, The S3 Agency

Editor’s Note: This is not a political commentary. This is a branding commentary.


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