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First check-in…and I’m one day away from becoming mayor? This isn’t at some little out-of-the-way, podunk place – this is Emancipation Hall in the Capitol Building. In our nation’s capital, Washington DC. Judging by the crowds I fought my way through to catch a glimpse of history, roughly a gazillion people physically check-in to this tourist attraction on a daily basis. Yet I’m the only one checking-in on Foursquare? (And yes, I did become mayor the next day – and still hold the crown a couple weeks later, even though I haven’t returned.)

This doesn’t bode well for Foursquare, although I would hardly count them out of the social media game. IMHO, they just haven’t figured out the trick that will flip the switch of consumer engagement quite yet. At this point, the network of Foursquare users have put quite a lot of places (real and imaginary) on the Foursquare map – with very little incentive. And while some of those places have realized benefits of incentivizing check-ins, the big idea is still waiting to be conceived…or at least it hasn’t yet been shared with the Foursquare public at large.

We’re waiting…

~ @AdvertGirl


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