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Pre-orders without test drives? Maybe. Pre-orders without a price? Now that’s impressive. Scion recently pulled it off, securing requests from about 3,000 individuals to be among the “First 86” owners of the new FR-S. It started with an online submission window of just over 8 hours, with the 86 chosen at random. Those individuals then had 96 hours to put down their $500 deposit at their local Scion dealerships.  

From that point forward, the 86 became willing product and market research participants, answering questions about car preferences while earning keychains and other gifts. A buyer event at Scion headquarters started a social media frenzy of posting and tweeting (can anyone say “product advocates?”). There’s even a special “86” badge just for the chosen few.

It appears without really any explanation on the Scion web site FR-S gallery – because it’s just for the 86. Dealers followed up with ceremonial handovers when the First 86 cars arrived.  

~ Adam Schnitzler, @aschnitz1 & CCO, The S3 Agency


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