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She’s Got Mona Lisa Eyes

It’s arguably the most famous work of art and has been interpreted thousands of artists over the years, but that didn’t stop graphic art company Picture Mosaics from putting their own unique spin on the Mona Lisa.

The company typically makes mosaics from photos taken by a camera. To launch their new Masterpiece Mosaic product offering, however, they enlisted one of their artists to create a mosaic portraying one of the world’s best-known pair of eyes through a series of original paintings of famous destinations, from the Eiffel Tower to the Taj Majal.

Their video showing the artist at work, which has been getting passed around Facebook, is a great example of brand building through “social advertising.” With zero ad buys, the company is generating traffic to their website and awareness of their new product offering, simply by sharing something compelling and beautiful to look at. It also reaffirms that art created with paint and a canvas still has a place in the digital world.


~ Ali Gogarty, @alig7 and Account Supervisor, The S3 Agency



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