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Simple Treasures

Perspectives change, as we journey on. Mine has. I used to spring out of bed, jump into my running gear, and sprint around town before rushing off to work. Last week I rolled out of bed, put on my work out clothes, and walked halfway down the street before starting my morning jog. Unknowingly, this was the start of a wonderful Friday morning, which led to a productive, enjoyable day.

Within the first half mile I was greeted by a 10 week old lab frolicking toward me – and toward the street. I was thrilled to act as a detour away from the passing pick-up, and I happily volunteered to be on the recipient of everything puppy. Few things lift the spirit as much as a playful, floppy puppy.

With renewed energy, I continued down the street to a house with a hedgerow of purple lilacs in full bloom. The scent enveloped the entire street, so sweet and pure. No shower gel or air freshener comes close.

Circling around the loop, I spotted a bright blue robin’s egg, recently hatched, directly underfoot. I couldn’t leave it there. A car, a bus, someone else was sure to smash the tiny shell without even seeing it. So I stopped, picked it up, and placed it on the grass where others might notice. A color inspiration – the fresh green spring grass and the vibrant blue egg; we’ll be replicating that sometime, someplace.

Three surprises, three simple treasures that changed my Friday morning from routine to pleasant. We all tend to get caught up in what needs to be completed, what we should and should not be doing to be successful, creating tasks versus experiences, I am as guilty as everyone. My suggestion? Try to value the simple treasures. Whatever pleases your spirit, STOP, take notice and enjoy the experience. You never know how it will change your day – from providing a little smile to inspiring the creativity needed to unlock bigger challenges. 

Lisa Schroeder, Graphic Designer, The S3 Agency


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