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Skol’s Brand Bravery (During Women’s History Month)

Brazilian beer brand launches campaign to change its sexist image

Beer advertising + Brazil = two things known for their scantily clad women. So it’s no surprise that Brazilian beer brand Skol has a history of showing skin-baring babes in their campaigns. But this week, in the heart of Women’s History Month, Skol has changed its advertising from objectifying women to empowering them.

More than a campaign, “Reposter” is a brand movement in which Skol asked six female illustrators to literally change the face of the brand. These illustrators were given Skol’s old, sexy ads and asked to revise them into posters that show women in a more respectful light.

As a female owner of an advertising agency, I’ve experienced both sides of “sex sells” – and I’m thrilled to see brands taking a stand against it. It’s the lowest form of appealing to potential buyers, really. I mean, as a brand or ad agency, how can you be proud of simply throwing a bikini on a good-looking woman and putting a beer in her hand? Is that the best your creative minds can come up with?

I applaud Skol’s authenticity in acknowledging that these ads were part of their past – and for determining that their brand needs to evolve. The PR this ad campaign is generating isn’t a bad byproduct either. And guess what: the new ads are fantastic!

Brazilian beer brand Skol’s new campaign transforms from objectifying to empowering women. Image from AdWeek: https://bit.ly/2moLcev

It’s a tremendous first step in a brand evolution. Hopefully Skol will continue to build on this movement – supported by increased sales from a consumer base who welcomes the change.


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