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SlimFast Launches A**vertising Campaign

Why do women go on diets? For health reasons? No, not according to SlimFast. In their new advertising campaign, SlimFast eschews logic and goes for the pure emotional approach – basically promising the ladies in its target market that they’ll have a nicer posterior after using their product. In the three ads, the payoff lines are as follows:

  • I want to show off my new ass.
  • I want my jeans to come off easier.
  • I want to get into someone else’s pants.

Will this campaign break through? I believe it will, but perhaps not in the way SlimFast is hoping. The brand calls the ads “liberating” – but self-respecting 21st-century women may not find it fits with a liberal perspective. Even if they (we) do want our hind quarters to look as good as possible, overt assvertising that reduces our goals down to that one superficial element is a bit insulting. ~ @AdvertGirl


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