Sugarpova: Sweet Success or Sugar Bomb?

By August 21, 2012 No Comments

Sweet Maria Sharapova has turned her tennis hand to sweets, today launching “Sugarpova.” The name, while ridiculous, does immediately connote sugar + Sharapova, so it just may stick, like the gooey candies she is rolling out.

Why would she do it? Sharapova claims she heard a study that there just wasn’t much name recognition among chewy candies (much to the dismay of Haribo Gummi Bears…).   

This is an unexpected line extension for the Sharapova brand, although it certainly connotes her sense of fun.Will sugar help expand the Sharapova empire? Will they become a cult classic like the German cavity-creating bears – or will Sugarpova be here today, and – like the teeth of those who eat it – gone tomorrow?

~ @AdvertGirl