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We spend so much of our professional time working with briefs, strategies, client directives and brand guidelines, and that is all incredibly important at an ad agency. However, it’s also incredibly important to explore the Art of Play. True creative expression without boundaries has so many benefits. It tends to be responsive and intuitive vs. cognitive. It allows us to explore, experiment and roam. Thoughtful design has function; it communicates and directs the viewer’s attention, like following a path in the woods. Creative playtime is very different as you meander, starting an open-ended project, not realizing where the path will lead or what the end product will become.

The idea of not-knowing leads to questions, exploration and, thus, unexpected results. On the flip side, experience and repetition can sometimes act as a creative filter. Challenge yourself to open your eyes, listen to your surroundings, touch and interact with items of interest, then communicate in a spontaneous and unique way. Artful Playtime will ignite your creativity, it will provide pleasure and most certainly will produce unexpected results.

For great open-ended projects visit Studio Moniker’s Thursday afternoons: https://thursdays.studiomoniker.com/

For additional insight listen to Paula Scher at TED: https://www.ted.com/talks/paula_scher_gets_serious?language=en

~ Lisa Schroeder, Graphic Designer, The S3 Agency


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