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Yet so many adult marketers seem to have difficulty allowing a tagline to do its job: establish a firm brand position in the consumer mindset. Why do so many brands feel the need to change their taglines nearly as often as their proverbial underthings instead of allowing it the permanence of a tattoo? I think the biggest reasons are ego and ignorance. Ego, because a new (fill in the blank: CEO, marketing director, VP, brand manager…) steps in and feels the need to “make their mark.” Ignorance, because so few people in today’s instant-gratification-ADHD-tweet-tweet-tweet world understand the value of creating perception longevity. (Disclaimer: I’m not saying there’s never a good reason to create a new tagline – especially if a brand A) doesn’t have one or B) has one that is meaningless and/or actually detrimental.)

So it makes me happy to see heritage brands – brands who have been around for a while and are still vibrant in today’s market – finding new ways to keep their classic tagline alive. Take Toys R Us. In the 1970s, TV-watchers were bombarded with commercials proclaiming their catchy song “I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys R Us kid…” (Those of us who were around back then know every word.) Four decades later, the iconic toy retailer continues to find new ways to leverage their unique tagline – including the newly launched “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up Sweepstakes.”

A sweepstakes that gives away toys – plus a 2014 Corvette Stingray for adults? The sweepstakes is a perfect way to reach parents (or anyone who buys presents for kids, which is roughly everyone) as we enter the holiday shopping season. And the name captures the essence of the brand, reminding adults that Toys R Us is that trusted source you remember from waaaay baaaaaack. Spend your money heeeeere.

How do you enter? By playing a game, of course. Click on www.ToysRUs.com/sweeps (while the link is still live) and play a “match game” where you turn over two cards at a time. The cards feature different toys (which you may just want to purchase for some young whippersnapper this holiday season) – nice way to showcase hot items. When you match two, those cards disappear. Once you’ve matched them all, you find out whether or not you are an instant winner. (I’m not. No Corvette for me. Today, anyway…) The sweeps is easy. It’s fun. It captures the brand essence. And it makes you want to return to play again. All turning the “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up Sweepstakes” into the perfect promo for grown-ups.

~ @AdvertGirl (CEO, The S3 Agency



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