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The Following Video May Be Considered Offensive, But Should It?

Recently FCKH8 released a controversial video that features little girls, ages 6-13, swearing while discussing feminism. FCKH8 is a company that sells anti-sexism, anti-racism, and LGBT equality gear and donates a portion of their profit to charity, encouraging social change. The video asks, “What’s more offensive.. little girls saying ‘F**k’ or the f-ing unequal and sexist way society treats girls and women?” The little girls speak of issues that grown women are facing today – such as rape, unequal pay, and looks being more important than brains. Originally removed from YouTube due to its content, the video has since be reinstated. (YouTube claims they made a mistake and it was wrongly taken down.) Viewers and bloggers are divided on what is actually offensive about the video. Is it the innocent girls being subjected to adult content that they are too young for them? Or is it the fact that gender inequality is still very real in our country? Take a look and you decide. 


And just in case the video above is too much for you, here’s the censored version: same message, no actual f-bombs:

~ Samantha Banner, Account Coordinator, The S3 Agency


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