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TOMS 360-Degree Video = All-Around Success

One of the greatest parts about the world’s developing technology is that we have more mediums on more channels than ever before. Brands and people have the ability to connect with people in ways that, years ago, some may have never even thought possible.

One of the more recent developments in our technology is the 360-degree video, and more recently, the Facebook integration to experience this type of content with everyday PC and Apple devices.  The 360 video is exactly what it sounds like– a video that a user can explore and manipulate in a 360-degree perspective. I was truly excited by my first experience with this technology when I clicked on a Facebook post by the brand TOMS, a shoe company that helps provide footwear to children around the globe.

The post is a video about the brand’s recent trip to Peru. It shows the children who receive the shoes, where they live, and how much of an impact the shoes make in the lives of the children, all while placing the viewer right there in the middle of it. It is a great way to show what the purchase of TOMS shoes does and means to others, but delivers it through a real experience in every direction. In this case, by tactfully using the right platform to support their messaging, the brand elevated the value and impact of their message.

The 360-video wasn’t just a gimmick or an extra “because we can” add-on. It was a way to share the experience of being in Peru and interacting with the kids. It makes the footage seem more authentic than a regular video because it is not a focused staged shot. And while the video was created with the purpose of selling more shoes, it still offers a feeling of transparency and inclusion that is meaningful to the brand’s target audience. This is brand authenticity.

Of course, because this technology is still new to Facebook, there were a few lags and bugs. That said, I still think that the TOMS brand made the right choice in sharing it with their Facebook fans.

I’m looking forward to seeing how other companies use the 360-degree video on Facebook, and whether they use it as effectively as TOM’s shoes. It is an exciting new avenue for brands to connect with and engage their fans on a whole new level. Check out the TOMS video for yourself, and see if you agree!

Kristin Drabik, Account Coordinator, The S3 Agency


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