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Trick, Treat, and Imbibe

The latest video from Laphroaig Whisky’s “Opinions Welcome” campaign is certainly a treat – but what about the scotch itself? In the spirt of Halloween, Laphroaig asked partygoers their opinions of the drink in what they claim is 100% unscripted dialog. The opinions include insights like:

  • this drink is for an old man
  • it’s so strong you could die drinking it, and best of all,
  • it smells like an antique armoire on fire.

“Drinking this is one of the classiest things I have ever done,” says a top-knotted gentleman clad in a fur coat and flag-like outfit. Seriously funny stuff but it certainly doesn’t make me want to try Laphroaig…at least not without a costume. What do you think?

~ Stefanie Fernandez, Account Supervisor, The S3 Agency


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