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Truth or Trashy?


The American Legacy Foundation launched the latest Truth campaign #Finishit, with a controversial anti-tobacco ad that aired during this year’s VMA awards on MTV. The commercial displays celebrities having a not-so-glamorous look, delivering the message “UNPAID TOBACCO PERSON.” The organization has spent $50 million on anti-smoking ads for this campaign and has generated millions of views on air as well as garnished 1.5 million YouTube views since its debut on August 24th. Effort of this campaign is focused on showing “big tobacco gets tons of free marketing,” by targeting the youth in hopes that they’ll think twice about posting a smoking #selfie.

This bold, in-your-face ad could very well encourage America’s youth to reduce (or maybe even end) smoking. Perhaps, paparazzi photos of Lady Gaga and Rihanna in everyday life may have not been the best approach.  But, is this lack of execution? While the Truth campaign has raised social awareness, I am just not sure if it was the best way to convey this message. I believe our youth can be anti-smoking advocates without the Hollywood spin on it.

Truth or Trashy? Hmm….it’s very much questionable.

~ Jazmine Rodriguez, Account Coordinator, The S3 Agency



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