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VW’s Super Bowl Spot: Jamaician Me Happy

Volkswagen has an amazing advertising history – from the days of “Think Small”…


to the Big Game spends including Darth Vader, Jr.

So how does this year’s Super Bowl spot, “Get Happy,” stack up? Take a look below. Released (in modern VW style) a week before game day, the concept of this commercial revolves around a Caucasian man with a Jamaican accent. His cheery “Island” attitude refuses to give in to the workplace case of the Mondays – and he even succeeds in “turning that frown around” for coworkers and bosses. Aided, of course, by a spin in his cheerful VW.

Will “Das Auto” get any negative or potentially racist feedback from Get Happy? Possibly. But assuredly the spot will get attention – and will have people talking (in an Island voice, mon), which does kind of make you feel a little happy… ~@AdvertGirl


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