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Was Royal Birth Real-Time Marketing a Winning Tactic this Week?

Real time marketing is a popular social media technique used today for an “on-the-fly” approach to a particular customer at a particular time and place. Oreo’s Super Bowl blackout response and Kit Kat’s spontaneous twitter play over are two successful Real-Time marketing campaigns that others are now trying to mimic.

The recent birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first child on Monday gave marketers a chance to test their real time marketing skills… but some played out better than others. With so much anticipation about the birth announcement many brand responses ended up feeling forced and transparent marketing techniques as apposed to natural conversation starters – while other companies that chose to be subtle and creative with their approach presented a noble showcase of marketing. One of my favorite approaches was Johnson & Johnson’s visually creative Facebook cover photo. Keeping their brand vision and target market intact while still representing the real-time event happening around the world.

~ Danielle Westerhoff, Intern, The S3 Agency
Editor’s note: We’re also big fans of our own work for Tetley USA. Moments after the birth, we posted this graphical meme to the UK tea brand’s US Facebook page.


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