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Will Android’s Rock, Paper, Scissors Ad Work?

Hey Android, I’m not crying…You’re crying…

Thanks, Android. I’m too wrought with emotion and the awareness of my own mortality to lie any longer. I was a sniffling, whimpering, ball of feels after seeing Android’s latest advertising spot, Rock, Paper, Scissors, for the first time. Our ragtag group of misfits take on the bullies, channel a newfound self-confidence, embody the everlasting virtues of friendship, and end up making an ad that deserves to be repeated ad nauseam until I hate them.

The brand’s working tagline, “be together, not the same,” is a small jab at Apple’s hivemind that doesn’t feel nearly as resentful or jealous when paired with such uplifting anti-bullying tones. The line could just as easily be interpreted as smarmy or resentful towards Apple’s colossal market share, but instead smartly positions Android as the safe haven for defectors and oddballs. It’s an unexpected Brand Elevation that may leave viewers scrambling for a tissue.

And the song. Holy Huey Lewis the song. Inspirational 80s power ballads make up 60% of my Spotify account. This piece of creative advertising toes the line between overly cheesy and just nostalgic enough to make your heart sing. Or melt, as both cheese and my heart tend to do.


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